The Gym In A Bag is the best workout system available anywhere in the world today.  The Grip-Free technology has been scientifically tested and proven to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of every exercise by between 200% and 400%!  The grip-free system dramatically reduces work-out time with it’s easy and seamless transitions between exercises.  The patented system helps to prevent injuries while it automatically adapts to each and every body style while reducing stress on joints and tendons.  It is the safest system on the market today and produces dramatic results! The Gym In A Bag tm. goes anywhere and is the most fun and affordable gym system on the market today.


cuffs-with-logo_sm WHY GRIP FREE?  BENEFITS…
-The grip free cuff comfortably cradles your hands and/or forearms in a way that allows for total isolation in the targeted muscle group.
-The Grip free Cuff has been tested at the North Idaho Bio-Performance Institute of Northern Idaho Physical Therapy using the latest SEMG equipment. The increased benefit to the user was measured at more than 300% during exercise. It is PROVEN to be more effective to isolate, tone, and build muscle faster. See the results
-The grip free cuffs allow the larger muscle groups to reach their full potential by eliminating the need for grip strength. This is crucial for people suffering from medical conditions such as Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy (numbness and tingling in the hands due to nerve damage), Arthritis, Sports injuries, amputees, and carpal tunnel to name a few.
-The design of the grip free cuff allows the body to move in a biomechanically correct manner preventing unnecessary stress to the joints, ligaments, and tendons.
-The soft comfortable grip free cuff is user friendly and less intimidating then the hard metal handles that cause rough calluses an
d safer then the hard plastic handles that can easily slip or roll out of hands.
-The Grip Free Cuff is strong enough for the toughest workout. One pair will last a lifetime!



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